SEASON 1 — NYC, January 27th — February 4th

Going Public: Embodying a Persona

Monday, January 31st   |   9:00pm   |   Reading and performance   |   Joe's Pub
With: Cécile Guilbert, Cynthia Hopkins, Sarah Jones
Hosted by: Amanda Stern
Co-presented with The Happy Ending Music and Reading Series

What happens when an artist “goes public,” when a performer steps on stage? What is the transformation, the transmutation of the identity, from the person to the persona? The Happy Ending Music and Reading Series presents a special evening dedicated to the art , theory and practical application of persona. Through interwoven talks and performances, three dynamic guests—essayist Cécile Guilbert, singer and musician Cynthia Hopkins, multi- character performer Sarah Jones—will investigate how artists strive to cultivate and expose the most elusive and intangible aspects of their public personas.
Tickets: $15 Booking
Going Public: Embodying a Persona

Cécile Guilbert

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Cynthia Hopkins

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Sarah Jones

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“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  Isaac Newton