SEASON 1 — NYC, January 27th — February 4th

Hunter VS. Hunted: A Philosopher Discusses Short Media Pieces

Tuesday, February 1st   |   7:00pm   |   Screening and discussion   |   UnionDocs
With: Grégoire Chamayou, Jamie Hook, Katie Salen
Hosted by: Christopher Allen
Co-presented with UnionDocs

The fugitive slave, the 17 century European peasant turned prey, the tracked native American, and, the stateless Jew are all examples from a violent history of man hunting in the western world to be considered in this presentation which will thread together video clips, short films, B-movie fragments, compelling lecture and debate.

The French philosopher Grégoire Chamayou will introduce the dialectic of the hunter and the hunted, a theory he proposes in his new book, Chasses à l’homme (“Manhunts”).
Tickets: $9 suggested donation Booking
(btwn Maujer & Ten Eyck St), New York
Hunter vs. Hunted: A Philosopher Discusses Short Media Pieces

Grégoire Chamayou

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Jamie Hook

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Katie Salen

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