Season 3 October 20-30th 2011

What is wisdom?

Wednesday, April 20th   |   6:15pm   |   Round-table   |   The Heyman Center For The Humanities -- Davis Auditorium, the Schapiro Center
With: Paul Audi, Valérie Gérard, Charles Larmore
Hosted by: Astra Taylor
How does one arrive at wisdom? Is it through struggle, meditation, reading, experience, loss or love? And what is wisdom anyway? Is it about making the right decisions, or is it about acceptance? Does wisdom lead to happiness, or is wisdom the endpoint? Charles Larmore, who specializes in moral and political philosophy, Paul Audi, who has written extensively on Rousseau and Nietzsche, working chiefly on the relations between ethics and aesthetics, and Valérie Gérard whose philosophy is inspired by Hannah Arendt, will team up in their effort to find where wisdom lies.
Tickets: Free
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What is wisdom?

Paul Audi

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Valérie Gérard

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Charles Larmore

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“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  Isaac Newton