Season 2 April 12-21st 2011

Monday, April 11th
What is Engagement Today?
6:30pm | Round-table
Miguel Benasayag, Nina Berman, Didier Fassin, George Packer
Aperture Gallery
Thursday, April 14th
6:30pm | Round-table
Nan Goldin, Ruwen Ogien, Carole Talon-Hugon, Lynne Tillman
The New School - Theresa Lang Center
Friday, April 15th
Do the Humanities Teach us to Be Free?
7:30pm | Round table/Reading
Simon Critchley, Roger Grunwald, Marielle Macé, Wyatt Mason, Pierre Pachet
The Austrian Cultural Forum
Saturday, April 16th
11:00am | Fair
Deborah Coen , Pierre Pachet, Lytle Shaw, Luc Steels, Ginger Strand, Carole Talon-Hugon
Jo's Restaurant
8:00pm | Performance
Esther Allen, Jonah Bokaer, Wally Cardona, Guilhem Flouzat, Francisco Goldman, Arnon Grunberg, Trajal Harrell, Virginia Heffernan, Romain Huret, Serge Michel, Ruwen Ogien, Ned Rothenberg, Dan Safer, David Samuels
The Invisible Dog Art Center
Sunday, April 17th
Redrawing Borders
2:30pm | Round-table
Eric Chauvier, Serge Michel, Alex Waterman, Heriberto Yepez
The Cooper Union
Granting Refuge and Asylum: The Laws of Hospitality
5:00pm | Round-table
Michel Agier, Ashley Caudill-Mirillo, Olivier Legros, Philip Schrag
The Cooper Union
Monday, April 18th
Get what you want: An artist and an ethicist discuss manipulation and desire
7:00pm | Screening and discussion
Laurel Nakadate, Ruwen Ogien
Tuesday, April 19th
Unequally free? The Social Limits of Liberty
6:30pm | Round-table
Fabienne Brugère, Romain Huret, Alondra Nelson, Patrick Savidan
The Institute for Public Knowledge
Wednesday, April 20th
6:15pm | Round-table
Paul Audi, Valérie Gérard, Charles Larmore
The Heyman Center For The Humanities -- Davis Auditorium, the Schapiro Center
Thursday, April 21st
7:30pm | Round-table
Yannick Haenel, Laurent Nunez, Victoria Patterson, Siva Vaidhyanathan
French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) - Le Skyroom
“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  Isaac Newton