Season 3 October 20-30th 2011

Patrick Savidan

Philosopher  |  France
Patrick Savidan - © All rights reserved
© All rights reserved
Patrick Savidan received his M.A. in political theory from the University of Ottawa, and his Ph.D from the University Paris-Sorbonne. He is currently a Professor of social and political philosophy at the University of Poitiers (France). He is also director of the philosophy journal Raison publique, and president of the Observatoire des inégalités (French Observatory of Inequalities. His research interests focus on issues of democracy, social justice, diversity, and the social and political relevance of literature. He is the translator of Charles Taylor into French. He has published several books, including Repenser l’égalité des chances (Reconsidering Equal Opportunities) (Grasset, 2007).
Books by Patrick Savidan are available .

Latest book: Multiculturalisme (PUF, 2009)

Patrick Savidan will participate in:
« Unequally free? The Social Limits of Liberty  », round-table, Tuesday, April 19th, The Institute for Public Knowledge.
« The Need to See and the Will not to Know — How we deal with catastrophes », discussion, Friday, October 28th, NYU Cantor Film Center (theater 101).

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