Season 3 October 20-30th 2011

Gressett Salette

Curator  |  United States
Gressett Salette - ©
Salette Gressett is a trans-Atlantic cultural manager with expertise in contemporary performance, Live Art, interdisciplinary and socially-engaged practices in the US, UK and EU. For over 10 years, she held a unique position at national funding agency Arts Council England of working across the departments of Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance and Combined Arts to support leading artists and curators creating work beyond traditional artform boundaries including live installation, creative re-enactment, site-specific, immersive theatre, arts activism and evolving performative practices. Prior to the Arts Council, Salette managed international touring for Momentary Fusion, the first aerial dance theatre portfolio company of the British Council. She previously worked in arts funding programs in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and in several artist-led venues including Theatre Artaud, San Francisco, and Highways Performance Space where she began her career working with the founders during the influential venue’s formative years. Salette is currently a freelance Live Art producer and advisor in New York City, living in Brooklyn.

Gressett Salette will participate in:
« Beauty Contest—Human Beauty and Its Social Construction », performance / discussion, Wednesday, October 19th, The Austrian Cultural Forum.

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  Isaac Newton