Season 3 October 20-30th 2011

Stranger Strangers — French Performance Artists Make their NYC Premieres

Saturday, October 22nd   |   9:00pm   |   Performance   |   The Invisible Dog Art Center

Co-presented with The Invisible Dog Art Center and Les Subsistances
Young French artists have created very intimate bonds with music, digital space,—and pigs. In an evening featuring the debuts of four performers to American audiences, they’ll investigate their influences and affinities in an attempt to unravel just where their unusual interests were born.

Bring home the bacon! by La Scabreuse
Featuring: Nathan Israël and Volodia Lesluin
« Bring home the bacon! » is a show created by Nathan Israël and Volodia Lesluin exploring their fascination-repulsion for the pig. Through jugglery, dance and portés, this performance brings to light what the animal tells us about our desires: sludge and silk, baroque and brutality, power and subjection.

Lesson 1 / Professor excerpt by Maud Le Pladec
Featuring: Julien Gallée-Ferré
In Maud Le Pladec’s work, body and music combine to aggravate and invigorate one another in unexpected ways. In this solo, the choreographer asks dancer Julien Gallée-Ferré to physically take hold of Professor Bad Trip, the heralded electronic piece by Fausto Romitelli which stands at the crossroad of the contemporary “new” music and popular rock.

Featuring: Claire Bardainne (visual artist and stage designer), Adrien Mondot (computer scientist and juggler)
Think of it as a digital circus, in 3D. Using the virtual as their raw material, Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne juggle and dance with the immaterial. In Coincidence, they combine performing and digital arts, somewhere between fantasy and reality, creating fascinating pieces with custom-made hologrammatic programming.

I walk in this garden by Gilles Pastor (with the collaboration of Keith Collins)
Featuring: Gilles Pastor (France / stage director and actor), Vincent Boujoun(UK) Gilles Pastor has developed a great complicity with the dead. For several years now, he has been following the footsteps of English filmmaker Derek Jarman who died of AIDS in 1994. Pastor never met Jarman but feels intimately connected to him, so much so that he spent some time in his house and slept in his bed. This is what his performance is all about: the quest for a missing body.

Tickets: Free
Stranger Strangers — French Performance Artists Make their NYC Premieres

La Scabreuse

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Maud Le Pladec

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Adrien M/ Claire B

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Gilles Pastor

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