Season 3 October 20-30th 2011

La Scabreuse

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© All rights reserved
Nathan Israël and Volodia Lesluin studied at the National School of Circus Arts in Rosny-sous bois (ENACR) and at the National Center for Circus Arts in Châlons-en-champagne (CNAC). Accompanied by Paola Rizza, Nathan Israël and Volodia Lesluin have for some time been conducting research on the unusual topic of how to captivate through juggling, dance, clowning, acrobatics, language: in short, everything but the kitchen sink.Authors and actors in Alzeimer for All and La mourre, Lard is their fourth creation as the La Scabreuse collective.

La Scabreuse will participate in:
« Stranger Strangers — French Performance Artists Make their NYC Premieres », performance, Saturday, October 22nd, The Invisible Dog Art Center.

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  Isaac Newton