Season 3 October 20-30th 2011

Brian Leth

Chef  |  United States
Brian Leth - ©
Chef Brian Leth brings his straight-forward, uncomplicated style of cooking to Vinegar Hill House where hecontinues to build upon the restaurant’s recipe for success with seasonally-driven dishes and a contemporary approach to familiar favorites.After graduating with a degree in History and English from the University of Virginia, Brian embarked on his culinary journey with a move to New York City, landing a spot at a restaurant equipment company.  Working on the periphery of the food industry fueled his interest in the culinary arts, pushing him into the kitchen.
Stints in New Mexico’s Santa Fe and Taos provided a taste of the restaurant industry and what was to come. Upon returning to New York, Brian was behind the stove at Gabrielle Hamilton’s East Village restaurant, Prune. A brief stop at Blue Hill where Owner and Chef Dan Barber focused on farm-to-table cuisine wasfollowed by Café des Artistes where Brian perfected classical French techniques.  He spent some time working at Annona, a then popular Italian restaurant in Westhampton Beach, before heading out west to work on a cattle ranch in Wyoming.  It was here that Brian developed a deep understanding for the art of raising cattle for quality beef.  When he returned to New York, he joined Allen & Delancey, where Executive Chef Neil Ferguson presented Brian with the technical skills to turn ordinary ingredients into extraordinary, refined dishes. Brian then brought thismentalityto Vinegar Hill House in April of 2009. Working alongside Vinegar Hill House Owner and Chef, Jean Adamson, who shares a similar cooking sensibility, Brian was able to hone his direct, honest approach in the kitchen.  Brian’s uncomplicated style of cooking has proven successful at Vinegar Hill House, where he now works as Executive Chef.  His focus is on providing a quality dining experience with modern takes on classics, highlighting ingredients and flavor combinations to bring excitement to familiar dishes.  The evolution of his craft is apparent, not only through his food, but his progress in the kitchen.  Chef Brian Leth continues to strive for integrity in his dishes and aims to maximize the potential of his kitchen and staff while providing a homey, satisfying dining experience.



Brian Leth will participate in:
« A Tale of two Chefs: A Lunchbox of Haute Cuisine », gastronomic picnic, Saturday, October 22nd, The Invisible Dog Art Center.

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  Isaac Newton