Season 3 October 20-30th 2011

A Tale of two Chefs: A Lunchbox of Haute Cuisine

Saturday, October 22nd   |   12:00pm   |   180 min   |   Gastronomic picnic   |   The Invisible Dog Art Center

Co-presented by The Invisble Dog Art Center and Les Subsistances

French Chef Mathieu Rostaing Tayard was recently listed in the Top 10 Young Chefs in Europe by the Wall Street Journal. After having worked with Nicolas le Bec, he opened Le 126, which « could lay claim to being the most exciting restaurant in Lyon right now »(WSJ), proposing a new menu of experimental haute cuisine every day at a reasonable price. He will design a special lunch box meal with American Chef Brian Leth, currently working at the Vinegar Hill House, a widely acclaimed restaurant of new Brooklyn food on the waterfront. Come and enjoy an exceptional transatlantic meal while chatting with the chefs about their art.

Tickets: $20, reservations strongly advised
A Tale of two Chefs: A Lunchbox of Haute Cuisine

Brian Leth

© Courtesy of Vinegar Hill House

Mathieu Rostaing Tayard

© Salem Nasri

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